Having worked as a postgraduate doctor for 45 years and in health care approximately 52 years my varied career includes many years as a Consultant Anaesthetist, Intensive Care Specialist and Medical Director Executive. I am currently living in North Cumbria and I have delivered anaesthesia and intensive care in six countries all with differing funding solutions, systems and workforce models.  They have ranged from the UK, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, middle-east deserts and central Queensland.I am currently working sessions in my most recent English Trust which is North Cumbria Integrated Trust as I reset and reinvent myself. Any opinions expressed on this site are entirely mine based on experience and evidence.

In my first Blog I will provide more detail of my medical career and experience as I reflect on the last 45 years.

This site is in development and I am grateful for your patience as I explore the possibilities of this platform.

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